Winding down? It’s a wind-up!

“I expect you’re winding down now it’s nearly the end of term,” someone said to me the other day.

I paused for a moment. Winding down?

Like a lot of parents I’ve had a few extras on recently. Extras such as:

  • Cheering on the children at sports’ day
  • Attending parents’ meetings at the children’s new schools for next year – and trying to remember all the DOs and DON’Ts
  • Manning a stall at the school fayre on a hot July afternoon
  • Being the proud parent at the school play
  • Taxiing the children to and from one-off summer sporting events at other schools
  • Figuring out how to order that precious end-of-year class photo online
  • Walking around the school field at a snail’s pace with my toddler at his end-of-term sponsored charity ‘Toddle Waddle’. Every time we reached what I thought was the finishing line he shouted excitedly: ‘AGAIN, AGAIN!’
  • Remembering to go to the cashpoint so I can contribute to the teacher thank-you collections going around the children’s classes
  • Reading and digesting the children’s reports – and mulling over what to write on the reply slip
  • Frantically filling in forms and writing cheques for summer holiday camps and clubs.

“Well”, I reply, very politely.

“I suppose winding down’s one way of looking at it…”


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