I’m bored! Children’s favourite summer sayings

Months have been spent planning days out, special activities, visits to family or old friends, and even a holiday away – all so the children will be kept busy and happy in the long summer break.

And yet I’ve still heard them complain that they’re bored!

Here are a few of the other things which have been said in our house since term finished a couple of weeks ago.

What are we doing today?

I hardly have a chance to open my eyes in the morning before someone is demanding to know what the timetable is for today. The pressure is on – my job description has suddenly become ‘children’s full-time entertainer’.

I’m hungry

In the school term it’s easy. The children eat breakfast, I send them off to school with a snack for breaktime, and sandwiches for lunch. Then I’m done thinking about food until school pick-up time. Not so in the holidays. Every two minutes they’re delving in the cupboard or asking when the next meal is. My house has become a 24-hour canteen. Shame they’re not so keen to help with the food shopping…

Why can’t I stay up later?

Yes, it’s the holidays. And I’ve pushed bedtime back by at least an hour or two. But  an hour or two isn’t enough and the children want to stay up even longer. Not only am I on my knees and desperate for a bit of child-free time, but if I let them go to bed any later they’ll be tucking ME in bed and kissing ME goodnight!

Why can’t we go to a theme park like my friends?

I mention the word ‘park’ and the children suddenly get all excited, wondering which theme park we’re going to. Actually I am planning a quiet picnic at the local park -which boasts a small children’s playground and a football pitch. ‘But everyone else goes to theme parks’, they say.

Can I have an ice-cream?

It’s hot so I’m very happy to dole out ice-creams when asked. But it’s still not good enough for toddler. He has heard the ice-cream van coming up the road, blaring out its music, and decides that he wants one ‘from the man’. I very calmly try to explain how ‘the man’s’ ice-creams will be three times the price and half as tasty as the ones I have in the freezer. Explanation falls on deaf ears and a tantrum follows.

Can you top up my phone again?

Holidays means texting and lots of it. Texting friends, friends and more friends – even if they live around the corner and one of the children has only just seen them. ‘WUU2?’ seems to be the favourite text. Meaning? ‘What are you up to?’

I don’t need suncream

We’re out for the day. It’s boiling and I chase toddler and middle son around madly as they try and wriggle out of putting on suncream. As for a sunhat? Not a chance!

I’ve got nothing to do!

We’re away on a short break, there is plenty for the kids to do, I’m reading my book, and suddenly life is looking up. But not for long. Suddenly I hear a little voice saying: ‘I’ve got nothing to do…’ Now I’ve heard it all.

I don’t need new school shoes

The children’s school shoes are falling apart and two sizes too small, and I’m determined not to leave it until the last week of the holidays to buy new ones, even if their feet have grown bigger by then. ‘But I don’t need new ones’, protest the boys, who don’t fancy being dragged into town when there is the possibility of computer time at home.

I don’t want to go back to school!

Admittedly I haven’t heard this so far this year – but am expecting to in the last week of August. At which point I will smile to myself, relax a bit, and conclude that perhaps  the holidays haven’t been quite so boring after all.

Either that – or the children must REALLY hate school!



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